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Localization is an important step in the translation process.

“Localization” is understood as translation and adaptation of the user interface, website content, advertisements, documents and related software files to cultural and linguistic needs in the end user’s country.

Our professionals have necessary competencies and experience in localizing:

  • Software;
  • Websites;
  • Online tutorials and training materials;
  • User documentation;
  • Multimedia platforms, information and directory systems, libraries and games.

We ensure the use of consistent terminology, source code safety and correct operation of software and web applications.

Localization services include the following:

  • Translation of texts, subtitles and audio files;
  • Adaptation of graphics, informational messages, promotional and marketing materials to meet the needs of new target audiences;
  • Adaptation of meta-tags and semantic kernels for websites.

Localization is crucial for taking your software to new markets. Competent adaptation will contribute to increasing your global sales, expanding your customer base and gaining an advantage over regional competitors.

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