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TranScript offers almost all types of interpreting services in different language pairs. Our professionals provide full linguistic and technical support to customers.

Consecutive Interpretation

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter waits for the speaker to pause between logically complete parts of his speech and then provides interpretation. It is suitable for working with small audiences in settings, such as:

  • negotiations, business and personal meetings;
  • conferencing and telephone calls;
  • exhibitions and guided tours;
  • business trips;
  • equipment installation and setup.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most difficult among all translation forms. It is provided simultaneously with the speaker. The interpreter listens to the speech and provides interpretation to event participants using special equipment. This kind of interpretation allows for a significant reduction in the speaking time and is more prestigious for customers.

Simultaneous interpretation is sought after for large-scale events, such as major negotiations, business meetings, conferences, workshops, symposia and roundtables.

Our vast experience in simultaneous interpretation, as well as rental and installation of relevant equipment enables us to offer integrated solutions to our customers, including rental and installation of equipment depending on the event type and customer’s preferences.

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