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TranScript offers a flexible pricing model.

The cost of each project is calculated individually depending on the service complexity, specificity, scope and timing.

An exact calculation will be made once we have received your documents and agreed upon special requirements.

The final cost of a project is fixed before the work starts. The calculation procedures include the following:

  • Document review to assess the complexity and specificity of the text;
  • Calculation of the number of standards pages/words to be translated;
  • Calculation of the number of physical pages for desktop publishing;
  • Assessment of performance time based on the order scope and timing;
  • Calculation of the cost of printing and other special services, if necessary.

The cost of translation is always based on the source text and includes editing and proofreading.

The cost of DTP services depends on the complexity and special requirements to the final product (printing, electronic format, etc.).

We usually provide a quote within one day.

If necessary, we will make a test translation of one standard page (250 words of the original text).

TranScript offers strict adherence to deadlines and obligations to our customers along with full confidentiality of your information.

We only work with legal entities and accept payment for our services by wire transfer.

Please contact us to find out the exact cost of your project.